Kind Words

"A bold statement, but my coaching sessions with Charmian have changed the trajectory of my life. By applying *just* the right amount of pressure and asking the right questions, she empowered me to take action on an area of my life that I felt I had no control over. I made (and continue to make) huge steps forwards and now have the mental bandwidth and confidence to trust my decisions and plan for my future"
Nikki ~ Hampshire, UK
"Charmian has a beautiful approach and style in her coaching. She made me feel comfortable from day 1. Her coaching has helped me gain clarity and insight. Really worthwhile."
Shelley-Marie ~ Northern Ireland
"I’m a talkative rambler and a creative with so many ideas that my fingers can be in too many pies all at once! Charmian expertly navigated through my quagmire! Her superpowers of listening and understanding to exactly what I needed to be asked, gave me the opportunity to broaden my perspective and aim directly for my diamond in the rough. Thank you Charmian, I will be forever grateful xx"
Sandy ~ Wales
"Charmian has a naturally intuitive coaching style and asks insightful questions to really make you think through possibilities and alternatives. I have been on a journey of self discovery and it has enabled me to focus on identifying key goals aligned with my values. Together we have worked to break these goals into achievable steps, making real progress towards a positive future. Charmian holds space for me to think and feel and holds me accountable for my actions from session to session. Our sessions have been invaluable in helping me have a clear direction for my future that aligns with my values and leaves me excited."
Emma ~ Australia
"Charmian is a wonderful coach. She is kind, attentive, interested and has deep empathy in her role as a thinking partner. She has helped me work towards resolving my issue with night-time associated anxiety by really tuning in to the issues and asking the right questions to help me gain new perspectives and drawing up of practical activities to change my routine. I feel really heard when she is listening and that in itself is sometimes enough to really help. I would wholeheartedly recommend Charmian as an intuitive and highly personable coach."
Angela ~ Hertfordshire, UK
"Charmian's coaching style is warm and friendly and I feel safe to explore my inner thoughts without judgement. Through our coaching I have learnt so much about myself and have removed the blockers that have been holding me back in my life"
Alison ~ Oxon, UK
"Charmian is an amazing coach! She attentively listens to everything you are willing to share and works with you to formulate your own coping mechanisms and tools to face your challenges. As a person she is warm, kind and approachable and makes you feel at ease from the very first time you meet her. Thank you so much Charmian, very glad to have met you".
Sham ~ Surrey, UK
"I really benefited from Charmian's very calm and collected manner, helping me to feel at ease in coaching and able to open up about what was on my mind. It has been so helpful to talk about all sorts of challenges through coaching and have Charmian supporting me to put things in perspective, shift my mindset and help me move forward with the things I want in life."
James ~ Nottinghamshire, UK