Yoga with Me

Vinyasa yoga coach


Enjoy the benefits of vinyasa yoga by joining one of my classes.

You can expect an invigorating but gentle workout that builds physical strength and flexibility as well as calming the mind and nervous system. There will also be guided relaxation to ensure you leave class feeling great!

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of yoga that links movement with breath. Yoga is for everybody no matter what your age, shape, flexibility or experience. I will work with you to meet you where you are at. 

I love bringing the philosophy and practice of yoga to everyone in a calm, caring and adaptable way.

There are lots of misconceptions about yoga which excludes some people from benefiting from this centuries old practice. To dispel some myths:

I am a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher (200hrs) and my qualification is recognised by both the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Yoga has so many benefits that can support people impacted by cancer. As a breast cancer survivor I made it my mission to offer yoga classes to people impacted by cancer and going through treatment, in a comfortable and nurturing environment. With a commitment to your safety and wellbeing I can help to guide you through gentle postures (asana), conscious breathing (pranayama) and guided relaxation.

When I was going through cancer and treatment I couldn’t find a specialist yoga class in Hampshire for people like me. I lacked confidence in my body and didn’t know whether I would have the stamina to keep up in a regular class. I didn’t want to be the one person lying on my mat because I was too tired to carry on. I also didn’t want to be the only one in the class with no hair!

Join me in a space where your journey is understood. Take that step towards embracing the benefits of yoga in a nurturing environment designed for you.

Yoga for Cancer CPD trainings I have completed:

I offer 1:1 classes at your home or preferred location within Alton and surrounding towns and villages.

Yoga Counselling and Coaching in Alton

Yoga Alliance Professional

As a dedicated member of the Yoga Professional Alliance, I am a passionate and experienced yoga teacher based in Alton, England. With a deep commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being, I offer a range of yoga classes and workshops tailored to meet the unique needs of my students. I aim to guide individuals on their yoga journey, helping them cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner harmony.